Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Business Advisor and Tax Accountant

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Most entrepreneurs and individuals have the required drive and ambition to run a business, but may not possess the vital skills required to manage their financial future correctly. Moreover, the world of finance and taxes is fairly complex, and there is a substantial possibility that financial risks may have crept into your business, while your focus is on growth.

By enlisting the services of a business advisor and tax consultant, you can ensure that critical aspects which may have been overlooked while expanding or consolidating your business are spotted and addressed. They help you to understand and achieve your financial goals, address risks and efficiently manage your taxes.

However, with a plethora of professionals to choose from, it is of paramount importance to identify a skilled, committed and proven business advisor and tax accountant because their advice helps you to avoid pitfalls related to financial management and payment of taxes.

To help you pick a professional who understands your needs and is best suited to meet your requirements, here is a list of five questions to ask while hiring a business advisor and tax accountant.   

1. Are they full time or is this a part-time endeavor?

It is important to understand whether a business advisor and tax consultant is offering services on a full-time or a part-time basis. Addressing the financial goals of a client requires constant dialogue, dedicated service and offering solutions in the least possible time. A business advisor and tax consultant offering full-time services is known to be focused on the needs of the client without distractions.        

2. Do they professionally approach work by maintaining licenses, certifications, and continuing education?

The business, finance and taxation environment is continually evolving. Adopting a professional approach to offering services, maintaining applicable licenses and certifications and continuously educating oneself about best practices provides an edge to a business advisor and tax consultant to cater to your needs.

3. What makes them different from others in their profession, and why should I choose them over another?

With a slew of business advisors and tax consultants in the market, it is important to seek clarity from a particular business advisor and tax consultant of how and why their services are superior compared to others in the market. Assessing whether the services offered match your requirements, fees charged are within your budget and details of the service level agreement are salient aspects which assist you to differentiate the value proposition offered.     

4. How many years of experience do they have?

Having a dialogue with business advisors and tax consultants about their total years of experience and gleaning inputs about the assignments worked by them offers an insight into the track record of the professional. Experience ensures they have the ability to take on work of varying degrees of complexity and complete it as per stipulated timelines.

5. What kind of reviews have clients shared about their services?

Client feedback serves as an important yardstick to assess the ability of a business advisor and tax consultant to deliver professional services. It is an excellent practice to solicit client recommendations as well as details of some of the projects which have added value for clients.

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